An Evening Of Talking with Robert Fripp and David Singleton.

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10.55 Rising 09.59. Entering the day with intention and feeling less dismal. The bus will not be changed, so what remains is for me to change my attitude towards it. And rather than heading straight into the e-world of stuff, instead reflecting on what might be said this evening. Meanwhile Bus Dismal locked Tour Manager Renee out of the front of the bus, with its necessary facilities, at 07.00. The Revenge of Bus Dismal. The Team are off running, leaving me to collect my thoughts. These may not be the words that are spoken, but it provides me a framework in case the moment feels right. *** A common assumption of the counter culture was that music can change the world, and this was a primary moving force in the formation of King Crimson. So, the good news: music can change the world....
Another video from the Fripp/Singleton tour last autumn. Most nights we were asked about the Toyah/Robert videos. No doubt there will be others in later videos. This question had a slightly different slant to most, taking me back to the original Sunday All Over The World sessions. As part of some mad "expanded present" I am looking at those sessions right now for a surround sound release this year. Those few diehards who have read the third Vicar Chronicle may spot the seed of some of that tale.   My wife noticed that I didn't return to the question that Robert asked me, which is what do I do to support her. To which I am sure that the answer is not enough!