Written by gasmrv
07 August, 2022
Standard rocking out vs Serious Rocking Out
For me Robert's 4-minute soloing on yesterday's video (Robert At Home - Episode 1) sounds almost generic, that is, a solo that could be played by almost anybody with good guitar playing skills. While it was nice –and it was–, it did nothing for me. I think this is the first time I've heard a solo by Robert that sounded pretty average and that, in turn, provoked nothing in me. However, a solo like the one on the last minute and a half on the track Darshan from the original live Sylvian and Fripp release of the album 'Damage' blew my mind when I first heard it back in 1994, and still very much does to this day — in fact, whenever I listen to this track I can't help but play it 2 or 3 times, sometimes 4 even. That track alone with its 77-second guitar solo is worth the price of the whole album.
Written by Andrew Mather
07 August, 2022
Listening to an electric guitar player.
Recently I had the pleasure of 2 evenings with Aynsley Lister live. The audiences were excellent and in Kendal particularly good in number. Listening to Fripp today play guitar was fantastic as was AL live. Some guitarists have a gift and presence/charisma, these 2 in spades when they play guitar.
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
05 August, 2022
Mr. Adrian Belew's latest work is excellent, I wanted to tell you about this, a beautiful work, very beautiful music, and vocals, don't miss it, Greetings.
Written by Owen Keenan
03 August, 2022
Live at WOMAD 1982 correction
Thanks Chad Ossman for mentioning the WOMAD release. A small correction - Robert Fripp's track "WOMAD II" is also on the 2LP vinyl version of this release, not just the CD.
Written by Chad Ossman
02 August, 2022
Live at WOMAD 1982
Thought everyone here might like to know about this new live album from Real World Records: And there's a short official documentary on YouTube: In a timely coincidence with the recent Exposures boxed set, it includes performances from Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, and Peter Hammill. (and I suppose it's possible Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta were in Gabriel's band, but I don't know for sure) I assume due to no-doubt very complicated licensing reasons, it seems the only format that includes all tracks is the CD. So don't do what I did, which was buy the Bandcamp download, which omits the Fripp track. But looks like it must be from this date:
Written by Chris Inguanta
31 July, 2022
Exposures Errata
Thanks for providing the back story for these issues. I, for one, would have never found these issues. Some people are more meticulous than me is finding these things, and it's not a criticism, it's a complement. Again, many thanks to the DGM team that put the box together and providing the corrected files and the listing errors. I am sure many, many others agree with me. Your team is always responsive to all issues and deserves to be commended for their hard work. I always get a response to my queries. Again, much appreciated.
Written by Justin Gantenbein
Ruth Eckard Hall 07/22/2022
I was there and it was amazing! I had a very electric evening you could say. Which continued long after I got home that night and into the rise of the dawn the next day.
Written by Stephen Rowling
Highly recommended – a fascinating insight into this version of King Crimson
Daniel is right, don't let the lack of vocals put you off. In fact, this is what drew me to download this gig. Sometimes technical problems lead to a new insight and a new way of listening to well-known and loved music. I love the Stormy Monday selections for the way they reveal the hidden details and fascinating aspects of King Crimson and this feels like a gig-full of them in one go! Highly recommended – a fascinating insight into how this incarnation of the band worked.
Written by KEITH DAWE
Worth the price!
Its incredible not just to hear this stripped down but to hear things like Fripp's guitar parts that were buried in or removed from the final mix. You know, the bits you know from the live versions. A shame SW didn't do a version with Fripp's missing parts as an alternative mix. Anyway, fantastic listen!
Written by Andrew Thomas
Opening Night P3
Deep in the heart o' Texas, P3 enters sound. Of the night's memorable excursions, Foot Note seems to be toying around with some very Heaven & Earth-related ideas, both atmosphere and rhythm, somewhat akin to brushing the surrounding dirt away from a precious artifact. Also of distinction is a nice, fat ProjeKction aka what would become Into The Frying Pan. I'm conflicted because I like that song but I also think that these early versions of it were even spicier and nastier than the eventual piece, the relentless drumbeat of "Intruder" done industrially. The show ends with Heavy ConstruKction, which I usually hate. Is this performance enough to convert this audient? No, it is not. But the show is still fine listening otherwise.
Written by Robert Wheeler
Loved it! Can we have it again, with vocals? : )
Written by Chris Inguanta
Another fine edit across time
This is excellent. Great grafting of the 2 time frames, keep it up, Mr. Stormy, we like this stuff!!!!!