Written by Jan Schmidt
19 August, 2019
Starless & Bible Black?
Agree completely with what Mark Fleischmann wrote: Starless & Bible Black, as being my favorite record in that trilogy, would be a real treat to all KC aficionados. Would enjoy especially "night watch", one of the nicest Melodys ever been written, and the "great deceiver" of cause. And since we're in request mode: what about "book of Saturdays", another gem in the KC oeuvre? Never mind, Mr Fripp and the band will pick their choices and whatever it will be - it will be well received by the the great deceivers...
Written by Daniel Kirkdorffer
16 August, 2019
Exiles - June 2017
I just wanted to chime in on the chit chat about Exiles. I was lucky enough to attend a couple of the Seattle performances in 2017, and Exiles was a highlight of both shows, among many highlights. To my ears I thought the performance of it was excellent, and so the fact that it subsequently dropped off the set list surprised me. However, we do know that the set lists are carefully chosen, and if it hasn't been played I can only assume that the right time and place is particularly important for this particular song.
Written by Sebastián
16 August, 2019
Robert Fripp and guitar craft
Hello There!, I just want to know if Robert Fripp will come someday here to Costa Rica and give his guitar craft lessons.
Written by Mark Fleischmann
14 August, 2019
Other hidden gems in the Crim songbook
I followed the posts about Exiles with interest because I too had been wondering if I would ever hear this lovely song played in the near future. Starless and Bible Black is especially rich in unplayed (to my knowledge) gems, starting with The Night Watch, plus the brilliant one-two punch that opens the album: The Great Deceiver and Lament. Not sure if these are reasonable requests, since the band already has a huge active repertoire, rehearsal time for the next leg may be limited, and there may be tuning issues or other factors of which I'm unaware. But I'm looking forward to Radio City next month and I'm sure the band will knock us dead no matter what it plays.
Written by Don Henson
14 August, 2019
LoG Bundle
Wow! Just want to thank the team (Mr. Mundy in particular) for this bounty of Discotronics! In the day my friends and I played the LoG LP non stop. Often dancing until we dropped. So much goodness here to hear. I will attempt reviews of certain shows once I have digested it a little more. I cannot thank DGM enough for keeping this music alive!
Written by Gustavo Ernesto
13 August, 2019
It's a shame the band didn't like the current version of Exiles. I would give anything to listen to it live. I wish I had listen to the song in 2017. I wonder why they didn't like it. After all, songs like Neurotica are nowhere near as good and yet they are in almost every setlist. Going to assist to 3 shows in Mexico, maybe they decide to give this beautiful song another shot.
Written by Arend
LOVE that Hendrix Story ! The Spoken Word Parts are almost better than the Musical Parts ;-)
Written by Giovanni giuseppe parmigiano
Written by Keith Ewing
I agree, Marcin K., this is a thrilling, gripping, chilling cut. An immaculate voice carrying, especially here, a vital, Crimson gemstone of a tune repleat with impossibly trenchant lyrics. A perfect Celebration release. I didn't want it to end...
Written by Marcin Karski
Untouchable vocal prowess og Greg...
As moving and sweeping as it always was on the ITCOTCK, here it is - the UNIVERSE of Greg's voice - thrilling and dooming at the same time, in full, clean, unthrottled glory. Untouchable prowess, with all the respects due to anybotdy who attempted to sing this after Lake... and landed sub-standard. THIS MAGIC just can't be topped anyhow. And such is the power of this melody and chorus - that, when it appeared as an vocal-guitar only interlude during performances of "Tarkus" by ELP in 1974 - it brought the show down to complete halt, leaving the audience simply stunned. (As witneseed on "Welcome Back My Friends..." live triple LP.). 50 years on - this gem shines ever so brightly, as when first laid down to tape, by a young and hungry genius of voice and bass. Thank you Greg, you are so missed.
Written by James Byrnes
Red Blessings on St Annes'
Got to the church and didn't know what to expect. Delightfully suprised and duly impressed. It is always nice to hear Red.
Written by Robin Rimbaud
Blissful sonic encounters and amusing raconteur
I had just turned 21 and stood crushed in this crowd of eager folks, keen to hear Robert both perform and talk with us. As always I had my handy little portable Sony Tape Recorder with me to capture the show for me. I always recorded shows for personal use, the same way I suppose many people today casually click away with their Smart Phone, without thinking often, rarely to review these millions of images that sit in their archive. Not me. I've treasured this tape for years and hearing it again today brings back so many memories. I felt guilty for recording with permission, but had no intention of sharing it with anyone else nor would have considered so. This was 'mine' for the moment. The performance was beautiful, liquid guitar lines wrapped around a kind of oriental theme. The conversation afterwards was very amusing indeed. I hope that one day others can enjoy this recording with the people of Robert and his team.