Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
27 March, 2023
Guitar Craft
Robert, congratulations on this beautiful beginning, hugs.
Written by Mark Van Kempen
26 March, 2023
Hark Lungs in Attic
Listening to Keep That One, Nick, a compilation of session tracks, I think it's remarkable that Larks' Tongues in Aspic has turned out the way it has. Those session clips suggest it was a slog to get anything right. When I got to know the album, it proved to be a mixed pleasure. I felt that LTiA Pt 1 and Book of Saturday were very good, but the rest of the tracks left someting to be desired. The playing sounded tentative, the production was very dry and there was occasional distortion. Certainly, to my ears Starless and Bible Black and Red were far more successful recordings. I found a bootleg recording of the 1973 Amsterdam Concertgebouw gig, which featured all LTiA material, except LTiA Pt 1. On that recording, the LTiA material comes to life in a way the studio recording cannot manage. That is not to say that a studio recording is per definition a stale affair, but the studio environment, the ticking of the clock (expences) and the determination to get it note perfect, all conspire to quell any energy or intensity. There are exceptions - the Vrooom EP from 1994 is a rare example of a hot studio recording. The 2012 LTiA remix by Steven Wilson did show some improvement - better sound, more effective mix, no more distortion. Listening to this album has become more pleasurable, but for me the albums' chief achievement remains the quality of the compositions.
Written by Emory Anderson
25 March, 2023
I first listened to LTiA by accident
Not exactly by accident, but the 80s Crimson was the version I first saw live, and their 70s albums were the "old" stuff and pretty much only available on import vinyl. But my girlfriend bought a copy of Red on 8th Street and then SABB and then someone lent me a tape of Lark's Tongues and said, "Oh yeah: This one's good too"... I wasn't into the earliest Proggy records but LTiA wasn't proggy. Well, maybe it was but when I first listened to it on cassette and headphones I noticed all the quiet on the record and then the band kind of bursting out of that black space, though sprinkled with weird toy sounds..."Shit. This ain't bad" I said. I was right.
Written by David Janssen
23 March, 2023
Lark's Tongues is 50
"Although groups such as The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Can integrated improvisation into their setlists, it’s hard to think of any other rock band operating at the time who took that blistering mixture of calculated risk and blind faith as far as it could go." Henry Cow's live performances were at least 50% improvised and, as much as I like Crimson, were far more radical and experimental than anything Crimson ever did.
Written by Andrew Mather
23 March, 2023
Once I heard and had this album I was done for…..and I still am. The expectation and promise of SABB I was able to experience…and the wait was worth it.
Written by Malcolm McHenry
22 March, 2023
Sailors Tales - any chance of any more?
It seems that Sailors Tales is impossible to buy. Is there any chance of a reissue? Any suggestions of how to get hold of a copy. There don’t seem to be any on Amazon or eBay.

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Malcolm, CD/DVD-a of Lizard, Poseidon and Islands are all still available & we will, at some point, be issuing Dolby Atmos mixes/album sessions as individual CD/Blu-Ray sets of these albums. Sadly both The Sailors Tales & THRAK are now gone from us - but individual retailers may still have copies.
Written by Luca Pirro
Higly recommended
To this humble listener's ears, an absolutely fantastic show. Larks IV is positively scorching, Mastelotto's drum fills like cannon shots, and Oyster Soup features a particularly devious Belew, his guitar solo sounding positively possessed. They skip the intro on an interesting Frakctured of the "wobbly" kind where Fripp loses control during the "terror section" (gasp!) and has to stop for a lengthy period to rejoin the band in sync. At the end of Elephant Talk, Belew apparently offers the audience some candy ("You kids be good, now!"). This is a stonking fun show!
Fantastic sound , another awesome recording by Fripp & Co
Another great recording
Fantastic sound , highly recommended
Written by Will Claunch
Great pre-Beat 1982 show
Fantastic show. I barely noticed the occasional audio issues, I was so entranced by the performance. Absent Lovers is the main reason I keep coming back to this show; it's an interesting combination of a lot of motifs that were still being played with, and it gives an exciting preview of Three of a Perfect Pair.
Written by Chris Inguanta
5 stars for the playing, 2 stars for the quality
I actually enjoy listening to historical shows such as these, no matter how they sound. Very murky, and for real fans only, of which a lot of them visit this site. It's almost like some of the shows I went to in the past.
Written by John E Torregrossa
Not As Bad As Expected
While it's true that this is not the best sounding recording, I believe that years of listening to crappy sounding airshots recorded on ancient equipment of the likes of Bird, Miles and Diz from the 1940s have stopped me from paying more attention to the quality of sound than the quality of music. That being said, the greatness of this band shrines through on this recording, as I fully expected. I'd say that Mr. Stormy's diligent fairy dusting has done a fairly decent job of bringing that out to make this listening experience, dare I say, enjoyable.