Mister Stormy has once again twisted the Crimson time-streams to mix up different times, places, and performances on the King Crimson calendar. What we initially hear is 1973 in London’s Command Studios and Larks’ Tongues quintet but they are quickly joined by Jakko Jakszyk and Tony Levin’s voices on the scat intro from a live performance in Paris 2016. The Crimson space-time continuum is cleverly mixed further still as Robert Fripp’s original soloing is juxtaposed with his take on the solo space 43 years later, also captured on stage in Paris.

As John and Jakko swap lead vocals on the verses it’s tempting to think this could be a previously unheard rehearsal of a proposed lineup that included John Wetton, Mel Collins, Jakko Jakszyk, and Gavin Harrison. Although those four did indeed meet around the DGM kitchen table to talk about playing KC repertoire in 2013, nothing came of it. Until now?
Easy Money (John And Jakko Duo)
Written by Rainer Robles
Wonderful, and makes me wonder
What a great remix! I liked the vocals and the guitar spot(s). Also, I often wonder how would Boz Burrell would've sung "Easy money"... Based on "Ladies of the road" and his scat singing on Earthbound, I think he would have been a great fit!
Written by Chris Inguanta
Very seamless
Jakko/Tony/John are all singing at the same time, very consistent. It was amazing. Fripp's 2016 guitar solos are eerie but very well played and was integrated very well into the mix. Keep up the good work Mr. Stormy!!!!!
Written by ALLAN G OKADA
Love this remix and can't quite imagine how this was put together unless the live band closely followed the tempo of the original. Superb job! The two Fripp solos really work beautifully together occupying very different sonic areas. I also love that David Cross' electric piano elements are pushed up much higher in the mix, which really adds a flavour that was barely noticeable previously. Love it!