If there was ever a contender for the most heavy metal King Crimson album, this would be it. The sheer power and loudness of this band shines throughout this album and tour. Each song on this album hits so hard with how loud, distorted and powerful it is, with no room to breathe. The album opens on a blistering, powerful and oppressive Schizoid Man with amazing vocals by Boz Burrell which make you cringe in how dark and punishing they are. The band breaks into amazing solos with the best guitar work by Robert Fripp and an amazing sax solo by the legendary Mel Collins. After the loudness of schizoid, we jam out with Peroria. Taking a page from Frank Zappa, this is an extracted solo from a bigger piece entiled "Groon" which is featured later on the album. The band jams out with loud drums, swinging sax and groovy scat vocals from Boz. After this track, we get an amazing "Sailor's Tale" with an awesome solo by Robert Fripp. The full version of this performance even features a drum solo! The title track, "Earthbound" (With no relation to the game, sadly) is a very groovy one with epic instrumentation. "Groon" gets so loud that its honestly amazing that this was ever recorded. If you're a King Crimson fan, or a fan of jazz or live albums. THEN I HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS. IT IS TOO OVERLOOKED.