Originally, when king crimson reformed it had been discussed that perhaps they will call themselves ’Discipline’. Amazingly, after listening to one of the bands new tracks (edited out), the interviewer points out that perhaps, as a point of criticism, this new formation could be compared to the band ’The Talking Heads’. (or maybe i misunderstood the dialogue) As usual, Bill very quickly and intelligently answers the question which leaves a good feeling to all concerned.The interview then goes to the question of ’new members’ which includes the Americans Adrian Belew and Tony Levin.Adrian was "a Midwesterner who had become known because of his work with David Bowie and Frank Zappa. Adrian is the band’s ’Talking Head’, if you will." Bill felt that his guitar playing was original and was impressed with his selection of effects. Adrian had been discovered by Robert.In regards to Tony Levin: "Tony is one of those ’Quiet Men’ of the New York session scene."Bill was also impressed with Tony’s resume which included work with Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Paul Simon. In Bill’s mind, having Tony join the band was an asset and ’quite a feat’ being able to ’lure him away from the New York studios’. Indeed, this was Tony’s first band and he was very ’keen to join’.In regards to the song "Discipline", Bill explains:"It’s an Oriental way of ’not attracting attention to yourself’ within the playing. Therein lies a continuum of minute little changes that happen within the texture."He continues that one must be observant and attentive in order to hear the subtleties of the playing.At this point, a short excerpt of the song plays.In his video, "Bruford and the Beat", Bill explains exactly how the song originated from an improvisation from his practice sessions. After creating "the beat", he changes sound sources and brings out his african slit drum. Later still, the discipline logo begins to turn as the band goes into the song. The interview ends with an amusing explanation of ’Heat in the Jungle’ and a story of Adrian’s adventure in Knotting hill Gate  If you like Bill Bruford, then this will be an interesting 9-10 minute listen. ~