11 out of 10 points. Sheer power and glory from the first minute. Never heard KC start a gig with their three fantastic drummers only. And ohhh: the privilege of the 1st row, after very nice, humourous, informative, super-friendly talks with David, Gavin and Robert. What a triple joy. Extra Thank you!! And one of the very best sounds I heard in 10 KC concerts over the years (decades…!) since my very first on April 3, 1973. „Jahrhunderthalle“ is really good, and the sound magicians on & off stage were perfect, IMHO. Also yesterday, June 12th, from the balcony: crystal clear guitars, Jakko‘s voice, Mel ... all superb. In fact, both Frankfurt performances were sooo much better than June 9th, F&F at „Haus Auensee“ Leipzig. Compared afterwards, I‘d give max. 5 points for Leipzig, just behause of the terrible sound at Auensee. In my first respective guest book entry, I was rather polite :) And then the setlist of June 13th. All seemed to be turned upside down. Wow!! Just seated, you nearly stop breathing (which definitely is not a good idea for what´s following this evening ...) See setlist.fm for details. Just to mention: Starless was not tonight´s encore, just the end of the regular gig. Best of King Crimson so far. Do they really get better every year? Looks & sounds like. Thank you many more times, and have a great 50th year!