Ice Congress Hall

The weird scenes inside the big top described here have their origins in lyricist Peter Sinfield’s childhood following his visit to the circus in the company of his nanny. The powerful seesawing riff on which the song precariously balances would later be repurposed by Fripp as a kind of knowing wink to Crim history on Dinosaur from THRAK.
Written by Max
From Athens to Krakow
Well, given that KC chose to neglect their Greek fans on this tour (why?), I had to make arrangements to travel, and having never been to Poland before, it seemed like a good excuse for a holiday too, and a very good idea it turned out to be. My 22 year old daughter came over from the UK which made my wife decide that she wanted to come too. Krakow is a lovely town, the weather was good, and the music surpassed my already very high expectations, all the more so as the set included "Cirkus" and "...
Written by Zigomar Jose Espíndola
ESpetacular, Fabulosa.
Muito bem Planejada, perfeita. Parabéns aos Krims. Zigomar Brazil
Written by Alex Mundy
Pressure Of Sound
This reply to Franta, from Chris Porter FOH Engineer. Dear Franta, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the concert last night. We really do try our hardest to make sure that King Crimson audiences have a great experience at our shows. I acknowledge that the show reached a peak of 106db, as measured at our front of house mixing position. However, the average for the show was around 95db. I constantly monitor sound levels throughout the course of the show. King Crimson are not an acoustic band and t...
Written by Franta
Pressure of sound
We travelled 300km( and spent a lot of money for tickets and hotel) to visit one of the icon of old rock - King Crimson! The show was in the special concert hall for symphonic acoustic music. We love this super sound space and when we came into the hall, welcome ringing of bells from speakers, this was excellent sound and we were looking for the show. What came next was the big disappointment! The sound pressure was 107dB!!! I measured it on my iPhone´s app. We quickly dumped our ears with pape...