The Letters
Written by Marcin Karski
Glary day on Polish '18 Crim TreKc
I have to bow my head in thanks to Jakko for putting this particular track out here. The start of the pinnacle of one of better Polish shows during the KC-PL raid. "The Letters". The execution was amazing (and in sonic sphere this track is indeed a bit of execution if you catch my drift!), but even more important was how Robert paired it up with "Red" when structuring the set. Jakko was singing out the final "Letters" verses and you could have heard the pin drop. Seconds after a bit of applause from clearly stunned audience - the launch of "Red" blasted in. And, honestly, it was like whopping of the head off one's corpse. Absolutely amazing. "One More Red Nightmare" followed leaving all high and dry after the first set. Beginning of the the 2nd set with "Indiscipline" certainly didn't ease things either! Right up until the end of the main set the show was electric, but then some schmucks started the photos early upon the band leaving the stage 1st time - Robert saw it and cut off the encores to "Starless" only. "Music here is a nutrition, not a part of consumption" - indeed - as Robert has stated - it is, but then we have to hang our heads in shame and disbelief that always there has to be some (...) who will not follow the band's request not to photo early... This is a down-part of being citizen of this nation - idiot-rebels unwilling to follow any of savior-vivre are always on meld. I can only hope we paid our dues to the band with our vawe of enthusiasm over the Music playing King Crimson, as it was there doing it on this night. Thank you, 8H-Beast combo.
Written by Zigomar Jose Espíndola
Fantastico, Fabuloso, Espetacular
Mel Collins está demais com seu Sax de ouro (Parabéns Mel), Musica muito bem planejada, parabéns a Todos os Krim.