Posted by Iona Singleton on Aug 27, 2014

Just like an audiobook but BETTER because they have PICTURES – Punk’s videoblogs of THE VICAR   CHRONICLES. Perfect for your iPod, iPhone, iPad or any other device not invented by Apple.

The Vicar’s assistant, Punk Sanderson (or could it be an actor standing in his stead?) revisits many of the venues for Chronicle the First, including Real World Studios and the tapestore where The Vicar locked him to write the books, filming himself as he takes time off work to narrate the story of “The Mysterious Case of Billy’s G String”. 36 short episodes perfect for those boring moments on a train, on the tickler, during your wedding or even (assuming you were mad enough to take our advice) the subsequent divorce hearing.




Enough talk. Here are links to the first thirteen parts of Chronicle the First brought to you from  a variety of unlikely venues, including both Punk’s bedroom and bathroom.


Chapter One Pt 1 - Siobhan Takes A Call

Welcome to one and all to VICAR CHRONICLE The First - "The Mysterious Case of Billy's G String". Time, if you dare, to let Punk take you inside the bowels of the music industry...

Chapter 1 Pt 2 : Breamore Comes Knocking

Late night studio shenanigans, with Punk trying his luck with a beautiful, tempting, curvaceous figure...and solving the mystery of The Vicar's phone call.

Chapter 1 Pt 3 : The Vicar Licensed to Thrill

The Vicar becomes James Bond, licensed to thrill with a microphone and a roll of Ampex tape. The game, as they say, is afoot (which hopefully doesn't mean that the game is football, at which The Vicar would be terrible).

Chapter 2 Pt 1 : The Naked Assistant

Punk has an unfortunate late-night encounter with a vacuum cleaner, leading to endless cruel jokes. And we get our first glimse of The Vicar's lair - his boat, The Betsy.

Chapter 2 Pt 2 : Sean Fitzpatrick or not

We are not sure which is more exciting. Punk's hilarious attempts at an Irish accent, or a glimpse inside his bedroom. We'll let you decide.

Chapter 2 Pt 3 : West End Studios Chaos Calmed

The rollarcoaster ride continues, with Punk leaping here there and everywhere in his efforts to keep us entertained. The Vicar, on the other hand, is of course an ocean of calm.

Chapter 2 Pt 4 : Horrors on the Internet

The Vicar makes an impromptu visit to an office next door to the studio - with, according to Punk, all the panache of Hugh Heffner as he snaps his fingures and fifty women drop their bikinis. Hmmm.

Chapter 3 Pt 1 : Billy G Fact File

Punk gives us the lowdown on Billy G - inadvertently showing us why he earns his meagre pittance as a studio assistant and not a drummer.

Chapter 3 Pt 2 : A Clever Cleric

Into the lion's den we go - The Vicar offers to perform a few miracles in rescuing Billy G's career - not that she seems to thank him for it.

Chapter 3 Pt 3 : Heads or Tails

Time to learn about the joys of 48-track recordings, and separate your Heads from your Tails. Concentrate Punksters, there will be a test at the end.

Chapter 3 Pt 4 : Have I got News For You

The plot thickens, a bit like old gravy, as The Vicar posts and illegal MP3 online. And we thought he was one of the good guys... 

Chapter 4 Pt 1 : A Priest Hole uncovered

Punk's been making all these jokes about the Beathes - and The Vicar never told him that the mellotron keyboard he's been using in the studio is the one they actually used - pretty surreal, huh?!...

Chapter 4 Pt 2 : Punk wins the Lottery

The Vicar deserts Punk and heads off to Scotland - and Punk, of course, doesn't win the lottery (not for real anyway). Where was he when the luck was handed out?!...