Thursday 02 March 2006

The Basement, Chateau Belewbeloid, Mount Juliet, TN.


The sun is shining, the sky is blue. I awoke at 06.00, the views expressed last night continuing to resonate.

Workstation of Delight…

Elgar & Elgar…

ProjeKct Six is on call for noon.

12.15       Ken has arrived and may be twitching gently…

13.10       Oh no! Ken had good reason to twitch: the computer has locked. This provided an opportunity for Business Talk upstairs.

17.30      A very good day, albeit accompanied by constant computer crashing…

It’s offical: Fripp & Adrian Continue To Rule!

18.56     This evening’s post-recording stuff has brought an interesting offer from a major promoter (they don’t come bigger anywhere in the world) to reform King Crimson. It was suggested to me that big money is available.

I asked: which King Crimson? Answer: from the first 10 years. I guess that means the first 6 years. What to say to this?

How about: if we couldn’t tour for 12 weeks as young men in 1969, what is likely to have changed 36 years later?

How about: not many of these men continue to be working players on an ongoing basis, as part of their daily working lives?

How about: what is the musical imperative?

Offers such as this have been coming in since 1991, and if I felt that any of the incarnations would play the music (at least) as well as three decades ago, I’d be the one making the calls.

22.35     A most enjoyable Mexican meal with Ade in a new restaurant, not far from the late-lamented Loca Lupes – the food is indifferent but the margaritas are big! This new restaurant will receive my patronage without a hiccup. The mariachi trio came to our table, and invited a request. I asked: if you knew you were going to die in 10 minutes, what would you play?  Ade chuckled: he saw this coming as the trio moved closer to our table. The mariachi were well tipped, and sang a second song. Both were well delivered.

Returning to StudioBelew, we through-listened to our work. A beginning of something new. Very exciting.

Now, to packing.