Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Monday 22 June 2020



Rising 06.00.

Morning Sitting in the Study.
Morning reading and writing…

Morning listening: Persicheti SQs.

Reflecting: the commitment and intentionality of King Crimson players as expressed in and through improvisation, where both are revealed. The additive approach to a group; what is possible beyond that when the group is as-One; and how the possible is nailed to earth by individuals within the group privileging their own positions and interests.

A musical performance reflects and represents the world.
The performance also enacts the world and, in transforming the performance, the world is re-created.
The world, transformed in microcosm, is itself transformed.
This implies transformation within players, within audients and of the music.

11.15          Down the garden…

Activity on the street…

13.35        A local computer-person has recently been introduced to our lives – hooray! Toyah touches a computer and it takes on a strange, errant life of its own. T picks up her iPhone and it begins doing things of its own seeming volition. On the road in 1972, strange things happened when people and electricity came together with music. But that was another time. Not necessarily a better time, but one where there was an exceptional openness between young people, certainly in the US.

A very busy morning with e-enquiries. Dr. Andrew Keeling has sent a draft of his musical guide to Starless And Bible Black. Dr. Keeling’s analyses of KC continue to instruct me. I particularly enjoyed his siting of SABB in its cultural and temporal contexts.

Dr. Mike, aka Professor Michael Grenfell, has also recently sent several pertinent and relevant writings, including The Practices of Guitar Craft and Exposures: The Work & Life Of Robert Fripp. Essentially, Fripp is irrelevant to the account, an ideal approach. This is the first joined-up account of what Robert does and has done, e.g. the interactions of King Crimson, Guitar Craft and The Guitar Circle, the establishment of DGM as an ethical business, and the influence of JG Bennett.

14.25        Down the garden with Sweetlips Willcox…

16.33        I Advance Masked – Day Ninety-Three…

19.45        Evening garden…