Sunday 19 February 2006

Basement Belew, Mount Juliet, TN.


A grey beginning-day has given way to blue sky and sunshine…

At the Workstation, Elgar & Elgar

Elgar on i-Tunes & Michael Kennedy’s Portrait Of Elgar. Elgar’s origins are in and around Worcester, just eleven miles from Bredonborough, and Malvern, some twenty miles away. Listening to the music, and reading of a struggling provincial musician born to a world where class prejudice had powerful effect on the aspirations of a sensitive and artistic man, I found myself able to connect to the spirit of his time and place. This, through my own arising-background in Wimborne, Dorset, my Grandfather Austin and other post-mature characters who were still living. One of these was Pop Lock, whose barber-shop in 1957 was still without electricity. Pop Lock cut Thomas Hardy’s hair when Hardy lived in Wimborne at Lanherne, The Avenue (1881-82). Wimborne, in my early youth, was not quite medieval, but Victorian England was still there. This changed between 1957-60, and that’s another story.

Fripp & Adrian are on call for noon.

14.30      Death! Terror! Horror! The StudioBelew computer has crashed! Fripp & Adrian’s burning work is currently irretrievable. The Face of (Engineer’s) Despair…

Ken is unable to open anything, and running diagnostics as I type. Fripp & Adrian will not be recording today, so Adrian demonstrated the joys of the Belew Signature Parker Fly guitar, including all manner of possibilities such as the Variax system

While Ken is doing what he can to rescue our yesterday-work, and which will take a long time, an e- flurry awaits.

22.12      Grocery shopping done. Fripp & Adrian are still missing.