Wednesday 23 September 1998

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14.28 Organising, tidying, re-ordering, re-fenging my study. I have just moved several Fernandes catalogues and come across their brochure which quotes several well-known Fernandes guitarists, including Reeves Gabrels, The Edge, Neal Schon and Adrian Belew. This is the RF quote published in the brochure:

"Since using my Fernandes Sustainer I have become the life and soul of any and every party. Guys look at me anxiously from corners of the room, while fawning bimbettes seek my opinion on the fetishising of music's inherent and delineated meanings". (Actually, the brochure spells "fetishising" as "fetishings").

Associatively moving along, one of my favourite anagrams is of Adrian Belew contributed to ET: "A bald wiener". I told Ade this on the telephone a couple of weeks ago: he hooted too. "Adrain Bellow" is one of my favourites variations on a theme, which comes from our visits to Japanese hotels. "Adrain" is a frequent spelling on the roominglists; "Bellow" is the phonetic of another spelling form of Baldy Weiner's printed name.

Bill Bruford has, however, suffered more forms of variation on his name than any person I know. "Fripp" has itself suffered attack from the unsympathetic, as if they consider a strong Dorset accent insufficent affliction enough in life. Guitar Craft attracts students and interviewers from all over the world, and many bring with them a league of names unpronounceable to one of The Dorset Affliction. Often these persons are known for convenience as (for example) Udo Unpronounceable (of the Europa String Choir), or Ted Unpronounceable (well-know American journalist, formerly of Musician magazine). How do you pronounce a name with almost no syllables? It's just too cruel.

21.19 The Hour That Dare Not Speak Its Name ...

Two decisions from today:

1. We have decided to release ProjeKcts One and Two separately. ProjeKct Two will be released first, in November.

2. We will re-release "1999 - Soundscapes Live In Argentina" in Second Edition (different artwork, more music, re-masterd) on January 1st. 1999.


"Live Groove" is closer, closer to presenting itself to eager ears! and we are going home.