Friday 25 September 1998

My morning began with a

21.27 My morning began with a 09.15 telephone call from Young Willy Rieflin in Seattle - one third of the Blast trio who recorded "The Repercussions Of Angelic Behaviour". The Club seems the most suitable forum for this.

The SADiE computer is working again following a beginning-day visit from a local technician of high skills.

Late morning: a visit with Toyah (home for the night from her run in Croydon this week) to Don Hardyman in Queens Park, Bournemouth. Don is our homeopath. He is also as fine a musician as any I have ever worked with anywhere in the world. Don was the pianist in the Majestic Dance Orchestra, Fay Schneider's hotel in Bournemouth. Andy Summers was the house guitarist, and when Andy left for London with Zoot Money I took over the guitar chair. For three years (1965-67) the guitarist was mocked and teased by three superlative (primarily jazz) players in their 30s (Alan Melly - saxes, flute and any other instrument without a player, Jack Horwood - drummer, and Don). Cyril the bandleader, in his 60s, continued to acknowledge the influence of his idol Al Bowly. I joined the band from The League Of Gentlemen at 18, a fresh, innocent Winburnian ready and available for ridicule. But that is another story or two...

Don's son Adam has now taken up homeopathy as well, and has had success treating ME (reported in the local press, which lead to many enquiries). Don continues to use a pendulum, in addition to the very latest technology.

Back at World Central this afternoon, we are:

i) Fine tuning "Live Groove" edits;
ii) Negotiating with Virgin over "Cirkus" (running full frontal into the commonplace assumptions and standard practice of the legal department of a major, I reflect on whether I should have remained an estate agent);
iii) Providing a quote for "Gramophone", who are reviewing several DGM CDs and are considering an editorial feature on the company. (Interestingly, the word on DGM is beginning to spread. Bill Bruford called David to tell him that DGM is being discussed among the people he meets).

Another (indirect) call: the Fox Theatre in Boulder is likely to be providing some "All Age" tickets in the balcony. The Theatre told our agent that under-age audients would in any case be admitted with adults (I'm not sure if I would rely on this). Every theatre, and territory, tends to have its own idiosyncracies, ordinances and conventions. But gradually we'll introduce this provision into standard operating policy.


The Late Shift continues ... "Contrary ConstruKction" now ends and "Live Groove" begins with Vectorising.

Today, tonight, I am exhausted.