Saturday 26 September 1998

Four ways of looking at

21.36 Four ways of looking at what King Crimson is:

1. The personnel;
2. The repertoire;
3. The way of doing things;
4. The raison d'etre.

That is:

1. Who;
2. What;
3. How;
4. Why.

David & I are continuing to additionally incrementise "Live Groove". Our work on this album helps us to better know, and develop our understanding, of the Crimson process. This helps me in articulating my sense of things, which proceeds rather more by hunch, intuition and insight than the cliched view of a cerebral, calculating Fripp which surfaces from time to time. (The mind is slower than the body, by huge margin).

The role currently ascribed to me by the other Crims (to use Adrian's word) is one of "vision". Probably in the Double Trio there is a greater acknowledgement of a "leadership" role (in the sense of seeing the next step) than in any of the other formations.

This is possibly because:

1. The geometric increase in possibilities which two additional members generate, and:

2. The members working and developing their lives in other directions simultaneously:

require a greater level of practical definition, clarity and decision. Right now, that particular mantle would seem to have fallen on Fripp. Which, it must be said, does not negate the comments, insights, suggestions, proposals of the other Crims.

In response to the question: "Would Fripp mind seeing a Crimson without him?" - I would LOVE to see a Crimson without me! Touring, working, waving the Crimson flag, generating ideas without Fripp feeling the pain - yes!

In response to the question: "Is it likely that we'll see a Crimson without Fripp?" - probably not. Right now, none of the other five members combine the experience (of the personnel/s, repertoire, way of doing things and raison d'etre - Crimson's who, what, how and why) with the commitment to extend Crimson's present moment.

Crimson is more than the people in it, more than the material it plays, more than a business policy, more than the quality which informs the group endeavours. In 1974 I planned for Ian MacDonald to replace me in Crimson so it might continue, following my departure from the music industry. Ian would have given the group (Frippless And Slightly Slack) a legitimate succession in line of descent from the throne; but EG Management refused to accept a Frippless Crimson. Ted White suggested recently in ET that I should consult with Ian over Crimson's future, but what was authentic in 1974 is no longer realistic.

Meanwhile, no one tells players of the Double Trio's quality and experience what to do. If suggestions don't resonate, ideas don't get up and sing for themselves, nothing happens!

Moving along: next Friday on BBC2 tv Rock Family Trees addresses "The Prog Years". Possibly this is an alternative approach to the period than the proposed (and declined) "Crimson - Roxy Music" tree. The blurb in the Radio Times suggests that Yes and ELP are the focus of the programme.


"Live Groove" is on close-to-final playthrough mode.


Yes! David has gone home, and I am placing a disk on Hugh's chair to be Web-sited soon.