Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Casa Stella Maris Caorle Italy


Casa Stella Maris, Caorle, Italy.

Waking at 06.10.
Morning Sitting, arriving in the Ballroom 07.15 for the 07.30 Sitting.
Breakfast at 08.00.

Any fool can change the world, but to make your bed on a cold, dull day when you’re tired requires a different order of heroism entirely.

Silence visited at 08.20, as if a light had been switched on. I was asked, by a professor of philosophy in Tokyo, the last interview of eight, on the third day of eight-interviews-a-day (c. 2000): Where does Music come from? Difficult (impossible?) to convey an answer in words alone, but if he had been with us this morning for breakfast and asked the question, I would have replied: From there.

Three good comments presented, all from experienced Circlers, and all addressed to last evening’s House Of Guitars.
Voices within the dissonance, continuing outside the House Of Guitars.
Five consecutive notes from five guitars, that were remarkable. If five notes like this are possible, then why not twenty?
The distinction between work and labour, reaction and response.

Work for the morning called.


15.21    Kitchen meeting 09.45 in the Chapel.  Practicalities, and an exercise while working in the kitchen. Where is our freedom? The story told of Robert as metal workshop chief at Sherborne House in February 1976.


Guitar Meeting with Beginners at 10.30.
Review of the Introductions to the Left and Right Hands; and the Principle of Graduating Extension applied.


Lunch at 13.00.
Comment: on the foundation principles of Left and Right hands.
Graduating Extension: moving from one string to two, to three, to four.

Work for the afternoon called:
Personal meetings with Alexandrians Mariela and Pia;
Buddy Meeting with Martin and Mikael at 15.00, followed by personal meetings later this afternoon.


Short meeting with Hernan afterwards.


16.28    Tea at 16.00. Topic of conversation - two separate meetings, with Martin and Mikael simultaneously: what would this take? Perhaps if we were dead, we might be able to be in two places at once.
And debt collection, for those who have not yet given Director Nunez money – with love.

22.33    Alexander lie-down at 16.45.

RF with Beginners at 18.00.
Five did not arrive: too much information and confusion at teatime.
The Principle of Graduating Extension applied to the foundation principles of Left and Right Hands: Succession, Release and Return.

Dinner at 19.00.
That the course has moved in to its next phase was noted. How do we know that?
More Energy.
Scraping of chairs has lessened.
At dinner, the child is getting tetchy. We have signed up for the week, the child has not.

What to do this evening? A quandary, once again.
Talking about the philosophy of music.
Learning pieces.
What pieces?

Reflection upon this as dessert was prepared.
After dessert was consumed, a choice:
Martin introduce Eye Of The Needle to the Beginners in the Ballroom;
Robert with the Intermediates in the Chapel for the First Secondary Exercise.

Christian is a member of the SSG developing the first primary and first secondary exercises, and has taken this further than me.

Returning past the Ballroom, EOTN was honourably progressing with heroes Martin and Mikael, and Hernan providing support, also of the heroic kind.


23.45    E-news of a death in the family.