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Thursday 22 February 2007




A grey, wet day. Alex is not coming in: he is sick. Contagious staff are encouraged to stay away from the office. This leaves David & Robert the only two staff members in the office & the chance to clear desks & paper & inboxes.

Swearing is coming through the wall from the village store office, in the accent of our landlord.

14.06  A member of the GC family has flown away

A member of the Crimson family has spent their life preparing for a big tour; it has been offered sooner than anticipated; and the Crim has chosen to accept it, on their own terms. There goes the reunion tour.


Does Robert or any one at DGM Soundworld think this is madness?:: Posted by muppetronics on February 22, 2007

From The Guardian (Jan 16)

How CDs are remastering the art of noise Albums are getting louder and the sound quality is suffering. Audiophiles and engineers despair of the trend, but who is driving it?

Mad? The music industry mad? Whatever next.  Actually, I had this exact difficulty dealing with both Atlantic, the Atlantic artists, & Tommy Mottola in 1978. Stories for another day…

The major business-arising today: licensing the use of Moonchild for an album by a hot rap artist. But this is not today’s real concern.

18.10  A day online.  Now to practising.

21.34  This is today’s real concern…

22-Feb-07 12:30 PM - Margie : It breaks my heart to tell you all that Ian left us this morning. He slept through the night and was, to my mind, very comfortable. He was still fighting I asked him to let go and fly away...and he did.

This has been a solemn evening at DGM HQ.

23.07 Pal Wallace flew away this morning..

Ian’s professional credentials are remarkable, but Ian’s playing is underrated; and about to be heard at another level with the development of the CJ3. But right now, the loss felt is not that of an exceptional drummer; but of a good guy whose instincts were true, with a heart in the right place (I never saw malice in him), and with a passion for music that is rare in a professional of Ian’s long years.

This from Ian’s recent tribute to Boz…

On the 21st of September 2006 my dear friend Raymond "Boz" Burrell fell off his chair for the last time…

What saddens me is that I don't think he ever knew just how good he was in King Crimson… I must say I'm shocked by the outpouring of love and respect for him on the internet sites. People writing to say how great he was, that he was their favourite Crimson bassist and vocalist too! It's a damn shame that he couldn't have read this whilst he was alive…  I think we need more love in the world. Tell someone how much you love them. Do it now. Do it for Boz.

Boz, wherever you are I hope you don't rest in peace. I hope you're playing your balls off somewhere with people you love, to appreciative audiences.

Save a place for me, my brother.

As true of Boz, as for Ian.

My gratitude & respect to Margie for being Ian’s rock, and deepest condolences.