Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Sunday 09 February 2003



A quiet day at home with The Little Horse has become an e-frenzy. This comes via a third party, from a person I recently met --

-- I see that King Crimson is playing in Toronto in March 2003 with Robert. It would be fantastic to be able to see this show from a complimentary (sic) position and even say hello to Robert.

This is a good example of how the joy available in performance is nailed to earth, even by good people. Perhaps the French journalist from the press conference last week, who seemed unable to comprehend my aversion to autography & photography, might also find it difficult to understand why this e-letter does not lift my spirits. After all, doesn't Fripp want to make people happy?

Following this line of thought, presumably it is also expected that I provide complementary tickets to acquaintances of short & long duration, close & not-so-close friends, professional associates (including those whose commentary & presence is reliably hostile), and to say hello to them all?

This equates to a large number of people in a large number of cities on four continents, over a period of 34 years. If we were to apply the cool salve of rationality, might any of these applicants for free tickets & hellos have any notion of the time & energy this might consume? There are some acquaintances that suggest I contact them when I am in their town, in order to give them free tickets and say hello. Perhaps I should establish a freebie database & send out the news whenever KC/RF tours. Does it occur to them, I wonder, how many personal & professional acquaintances I have in each major American city, as well as minor-ish, after 34 years of life in the front line?

Another question to consider: how many of these applicants, for free tickets & hellos, are coming to contribute to the wellbeing of KC/Fripp?

Actually, my friends don't approach me for free tickets, nor for my time & attention at shows. So, this is now a simplified problem: anyone who approaches me is not a friend. Sadly, the result of this is that all the good people who do contribute their attention, support, presence, ears, impartiality, and those I would most wish & want to see & meet, I do not. I am hiding from those who would suck my life from me, smiling & oblivious & careless & without concern. This constant demand has significantly spoilt my life as a touring player.


Barbara & Beric have left after dinner. They seemed a little bemused by tonno e faglioni although the profitteroles seemed to convince. For me, it was all very tasty indeed.