Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Thursday 23 January 2003

Los Molinos.


A second almost-sleepless night although both nights have had dreams with my Wife in them. This is most welcome to me because I miss her terribly.

To bed at 23.35, awake at 01.00. Perhaps I fell asleep about 05.30 or 06.00. The front door spring & many feet on the staircase had me awake at 08.06. For most of the night I found myself planning a Big Time Boogie and/or Big Time Blues for the Big Time Trio, all three of whom are here this week.

But the sun is shining and the sky is mostly blue, welcome after the constant rain.


Pablo has been helping me with various computing difficulties, and an external disk drive that forze this Powerbook. Now there are materials printing. And GC House Rules are soon for the board outside the door --

Guitar Craft House Rules:
Levels One & Two

Villa Mercedes / Padres Claretianos
Calle San Pascual 3, esquina travesía San Pascual
28460 Los Molinos

Thursday 23rd. January, 2003

Nothing is compulsory, but some things are necessary.

No judgements are made: we accept you as you arrive.

There is no mistake save one, the failure to learn from a mistake.

Conditions are often uncomfortable, but usually acceptable.

Some people here will irritate you.
Don't worry: you will also be irritating them.

You are not asked to accept any direction that violates conscience.

You are not asked to passively accept any idea that is presented to you.
Rather, you are invited to test ideas you find surprising, to establish the veracity of those ideas, or not, for yourself.

You are encouraged to adopt a position of healthy skepticism, while participating in a spirit of goodwill.

Please stay within the boundary of the facility for the duration of the course.

If you require something, please ask the House Manager.

Be on the course, to the degree that you are able to honorably bear.
For example, listen to the music generated within the course; telephone when necessary, or when useful.

Avoid listening to, and reading, any non-course material.

Recording during the course is not permitted.

Photography of the house and other participants is acceptable, subject to the permission of those being photographed.
Photography of course details, such as notices & formal documents, is not permitted.

Drug use is incompatible with participation in Guitar Craft.
Although nothing is compulsory, this is necessary.

If Robert considers that any person's continuing participation is detrimental to either that person, or the course as a whole, Robert may ask that person to leave.

If any of this is unacceptable, you are free to leave with a full refund prior to the beginning of the course.
If you decide to stay, you are asked to stay for the duration of the course.


More people have arrived. Computing is continuing to be exciting, if surprising.


There was a question from the Crimson Q&A at Sushi Sans Souci last Saturday that I didn't properly answer.

Question: Why do you still do this?
(Un)Answer: Because this particular cycle in the Crimson process is still underway, and has not yet completed.


All the Level Twos are arrived, save one.


The house is bouncing. Dinner was quite acceptable with a minuscule, although tasty, dessert.

The Inaugural Meeting for the Level Two, Kitchen Team & Lifers is at 21.00. Several Level Ones are here (although their course begins tomorrow) and they are welcome at the meeting although not formally introducing themselves until tomorrow. The Board has several good reports from At-A-Distance participants, reporting on their work & sense of the GC presence at the end of their distance, and good wishes to us here.


The meeting was preceded by tango, danced to an accompaniment by Zum , a trio of 2 Japanese & 1 Argentinian Crafties. The course was acknowledged as being underway at 21.08.

A large meeting and good comments with the Team stating:

who they are; where they are from; what brought them here; their aim in being here.

At the end of the meeting, no-one spoke up when asked if they needed help in rising at 06.45. This is the first time ever in Guitar Craft history that no-one has asked for a wake-up call. As Frank commented, after 17 years people have got wise to the "help" on offer.

One guest declared their aim as "listening consciously, or at least intentionally". Now, this is interesting.