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Tuesday 18 September 2001

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The Betsy, London

10 am . I begin the day with a glance through the DGM guestbook – and the posting by Old Phned, who analyses a recent diary posting.

I am somewhat surprised to be described as someone who wishes to make political fodder from a human tragedy emerging from my rock.

I had thought that I was a diarist, posting my feeble personal thoughts on the personal repercussions of events that are largely beyond comprehension. In particular, as a citizen of a country which has declared itself to be at 'war with terrorism' – a highly political act - I felt it behoved me to try to analyse what is meant by this term. With whom are we now at war, and what does this war mean.

Old Phned, while berating those who are making political fodder, makes perhaps the strongest political point made anywhere on these pages in saying of the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland – 'Only the British could adopt such a moniker for a situation they have created'…….

I have no desire to enter such an argument. If Old Phned will help me with the plank that is in my eye, I will help him with the mote that is in his.

But please, do not typecast me as a lover of British Empire, or a supporter of the loyalist terrorists. I am neither. And now I must crawl back under my rock, as I have work to attend to.