David Singleton

David Singleton's Diary

Sunday 29 March 2020

Almost certainly not Coronavirus! Days Three and Four

It would seem the last words of yesterday’s diary (“If I didn’t suspect otherwise, I would say I have flu”) were, in all likelihood, highly accurate. I have just been given the “all clear” by our NHS helpline. In the past, I have found them to be fairly unhelpful as they would not offer a definitive opinion. But on this, they were clear and decisive. Apparently, your fever will not fluctuate with Coronavirus in the same way that it does with flu (much higher at night and lower during the day), so, as mine definitely has been doing that for the last two days, I do not have Coronavirus!

A strange new world we live in, when being diagnosed with a bad dose of flu brings a huge sigh of relief. I still feel a bit battered and bruised, but it makes everything brighter. Most of all the fact, that we are not waiting for everyone else in the house to start showing symptoms.

When the husband gets ill, everything continues while he lies in bed. When the wife gets ill, everything falls apart.

I suspect I will be feverish again this evening, but in the meantime, I have just spent a very pleasant afternoon playing online bridge with my father and brothers, so things must be looking up! Tomorrow I may even have to admit that I exist and start looking at email.