Easy Money
Written by Stephane Pons
What an experience
Hello, i hope you'll excuse my poor english. As an old man near 52 years old at that time, i had invited my son (21) and my daughter (17) for this show. I wanted them to see and hear King Crimson one time with me (in my life). You know, i always think it's very important for parents to share moments like this with their children. It's a way to feed them of cultural experiences. So, we were there, eyes, ears and brains fully opened and what a night ! What a music : splendid, poetic, clear and pur...
Written by Al Walton
Remembering Houston Hall 1981
With the anticipated release of the EP "Heroes " and this version of Easy Money my attention shifted to really give this cut a listen and wow am I blown away. I think back to 1981 at the # day frippertronics seminars at Univ. Of Penna. @ Houston hall where Mr. Fripp said that he kept hearing a voice say play this note and he did, this command kept repeating itself over and over again.(see notes in 1981 tour) This solo is amazing and after 10 listens I still hear something new. In my opinion this...
Written by Orn Orrason
Easy Money
Good version, loose and exploring the other world. I never get enough of Easy money. Perhaps the drummers should listen better to the song since they almost destroy the song at the end
Written by Jeremie FRIEZ
13 years of patience condensed in 3 hours of live music...
Well here we are.... I know I'm only 29 but I discovered "In The Court of the Crimson King" thirteen years ago... 21st Century Schizoid Man made me totally crazy but I didn't know what was going to happen with the following songs.... And albums... I'll be honest, I love pretty much all King Crimson eras but...... I've always been touched directly by the few ones between '69 and '74... I thought I would never see King Crimson live in my life(Worse, I didn't even expect to be able to experience t...