This show is a hidden gem amongst the ones KC have recorded. After an incomplete Great Deceiver and a solid Lament we hear a very special improv, bursting with creativity, especially on the side of Bill's percussion. What follows is, again, a solid Exiles (I must admit, I do not have a particular fondness of this track), but then all hell breaks loose as we are about to witness one of the best performances of Fracture I have ever heard. From the bone crushing drums of Bill, to the soul devouring guitar of Fripp, they are absolutely on fire. And as if this wasn't enough, they begin to play an equaly mesmerizing Starless. The mighty Fripp unleashes his guitar like it's his last day on earth. Truly spectacular. Then, after a somewhat unusual Talking Drum, we hear Larks part II, again in incomplete form. This is truly a fiery performance and I'm truly glad it was included in the Road to Red box set. Hopefully my review will give more recognition to this amazing show. This is worth buying for Fracture alone. Without a doubt.