One of the defining attributes of this incarnation of KC, is the fact that they keep on getting better. Each year you think the band has reached its zenith. Things can surely not get any better than this? And yet they do. Year after year, the music making reaches a higher point. How is that possible? Top musicians, at the top of their game, this hasn’t changed. The set list has evolved, true, but there’s nothing to say the music of a couple of years ago is less exciting. A lot of the songs being played are actually the same. Here’s the thing: something happens on stage, when this music is being channeled through these top musicians. There's something here the anthropologists dare not explain - the elephant in the room. (it does not talk). And it is precisely this ‘something’ that keeps on growing and growing. That keeps making things more and more exciting, year over year, tour after tour. Last night in Pompei was a very good show. Tonight’s show in Pompei was, naturally, much better.