Band diaries / Press reviews

07.17 Hotel Most Acceptable, Tokyo. Waking at 04.30 and rising at 05.00. Good to have the extra hour or so. Exercising, morning sitting. 07.41      Something of a report. Landing Thursday, strict in-room quarantining Friday, Saturday and Sunday, has given me space and time to reflect.   I One of the subjects: questions and how to ask them. Firstly, why are we asking a question? What, how and why? Where does our question come from – moving from association, curiosity, expressing an opinion, pushing an agenda; or something deeper, set in motion by the need for an answer? This is where the question warms up. Is our question useful or necessary, seeking information to support: 1. the development of an efficient and reliable skill set, or persona...
08.58 Rising 06.50 and down to the trough. For forty years within KC, on-the-road breakfasting time has been an opportunity for reflection on arisings, concern and points of interest. In this incarnation of KC, breakfast is also the time for setlisting. Forty years ago this month, King Crimson’s first visit to Japan with the Discipline formation, breakfast-trough reflecting took place at the highly impressive buffet of the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo, with many tasty things of local and Western varieties. This morning, Hotel Acceptable in Osaka offers an entirely acceptable buffet. Today’s arising reflective point: the seeming difficulty of asking questions, even burning questions, in such a way that an answer might be given without me having to climb over obstacles that the...
10.27 Rising 07.00 against gravity. Some stretching, Morning Sitting and down to the trough. But not only is there no buffet, there was a long wait. So I opted for coffee in the lounge and to computing. To some chums in the Guitar Circle… I When people come together, disagreement is inevitable, and may even be necessary. Politics is the management of disagreement. In conventional political discourse, disagreement is addressed from the outside. In the external political model, to achieve “better” outcomes, one view (held by often good people with laudable aims) is imposed upon others by varying degrees of force. That is, violence (on whatever level) is implicit in the external political model. In the Guitar Circle we address our varying points of view, the polit...
15.17 Rising c. 07.20. Down to the lobby for coffee c. 08.45. in the lobby… Elizabeth Carbone Evangeliste: Whenever playing and you are on that Zen KC alternate plane ~ How does your body react? I imagine lightning coursing through your veins and lightning bolts coming out of your fingers. RF:         Perhaps Ms. Evangeliste has a Romantic notion of the artist possessed by a Divine Influx of Music coming to life, coursing through their veins, becoming an uncontrollable fireball of rock fury? If I may re-phrase Ms. Evangeliste’s question… When playing with KC, and in a heightened state, how does Robert experience his body? Firstly, we only properly experience anything when we are present: here in this place, in this moment...