First time I went to see KC live. I expected to be very good but frankly was not sure it was going to be great. Decided to make a break from holidays and sail and drive from Cres island in Croatia on the busiest weekend of the year. Started somehow as I expected, after introduction from the trio of drummers and a couple of songs from Discipline period that Adrien would scream better, but as it kept going turned better and better. Especially longer versions after the intermission and coming to the end of the show. Was it because it was the last date on this part of the tour, was it because of the Eclipse of the Moon the night before, but the band really hit it off, playing was just fantastic. There was not much dancing on the stage and we in the audience were asked to refrain from posting photos on the Instagram during the show, but the music was just, whoah! Would really like to see live album from the Venice show(s). After more than 3 hours and deserved standing ovation for the band, I went happy into the beautiful Venetian night when the battery on my iPhone decided to call it a day and make it more fun for me to look for my B&B without help from Google services. So, with the venue, La Fenice, also not the worst in the world, and Venice one of my favorite cities... And fancy Venetian cats... Well, just brilliant.