After more than half a year of anticipation, the 25th of July 2018 came. The weather in Lucca was pitch perfect, a clear sky, summer temperature and a slight cool breeze. When the band started playing, the atmosphere simply could not have been better. After the inital onslaught of Larks Pt. 1, I knew that the Beast was at the top of their game. Every song, from the absolutely mesmerising Bolero, to the in-your-face awesomeness of Schizoid Man, was a masterpiece. The biggest surprise was probably Easy Money, which had (and I have heard QUITE a few Easy Moneys) the most amazing improvisation thus far. I was floored. All I could do was sit in awe and wonder how this is possible. The only annoyance of the show were people constantly trying to take photos. I don't understand this modern obsession of taking photos, especially when you are very politely asked not to. But oh well, it's their loss for losing a precious KC moment. All in all, a fantastic concert. See you next year guys!!!