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Tuesday 05 May 2020



Rising 07.35. Clearly Toyah believes that I am rapidly returning to normal strength and health: because she has resumed her practice of hiding and jumping out on me, or making strange and disconcerting sounds such as to undermine my sense of safety-in-place. Today she was hiding as I emerged, naked and dripping, from the shower. This seems to give her immense satisfaction.

Morning reading…

Listening: William Alwyn.

A reflective morning. To an editor/translator of The Guitar  Circle (Volume One tri-lingual edition for publication this October 2020)…

We each of us have the possibility of perfection. This doesn't mean my perfection is as big as Christ's perfection. It means that in perfection, there is nothing to be measured. The question has no relevance. The problem goes away, because there is no problem.

The World of Delusion: my own best, and continuing, education in this, is dealing with members of KC. It is astonishing to me, dealing today with the resentment of one in particular; that they are unable to see that their life is a result of how they have lived it. Something like: we attract to ourself the life that we have.

Our attitude is the frequency.
The frequency is the tuning fork to which we attune our lives.
Better to hold a good attitude!

Venturing to the back door, prohibited from wandering the public streets of Bredonborough by our health adviser, and down the garden with Toyah. The wisteria has come to life in the past week…

The English have the tendency to enjoy sharing pictures of their gardens. Herewith, gratefully acknowledging the good fortune of being able to do so; and happily accepting the accompanying responsibilities of stewardship.

11.47 Listening to Quiet Moments 2, for release this Friday 8th. May: 13’17” of … something achingly private. As this begins, I find myself asking: how could this player possibly be so personal in public performance? Too private, it seems to me.

Then I recall the context, the surroundingnesses of this particular event in Barcelona.

Then I remember: the most deeply personal in each of us is what is most deeply personal in all of us. It is utterly impersonal. It is, almost unacceptably, intimate.

I am You. You are Me. We are each Other.

Quiet Moments 2 is a sonic meditation on dying, loss and accepting, disguised as looping; so it is better equipped and able to go out and present itself in public; so more likely to escape the expectation and quality of attention that would otherwise undermine the reflection/event were it formally billed as Meditation On Loss, Grieving & An Acceptance Of Suffering As Both Necessary & Inevitable In The Human Condition.

Boy. That’s a show I’d avoid.

There is an area of Soundscapes available to support those grieving, from/through one who has themself been supported on occasions of their own loss and making sense of difficult times.

14.57 An excellent lunch by the back door, provided by Sweet Lips Willcox.

Back in the Home Study and listening to David Singleton’s mastering of what will be Quiet Moments 3 and Quiet Moments 4.

18.57 To the Cellar and practising. To the garden with T and watering. Back to the Home Study to catch up on variousnesses, including a health report…

Friday 10%.
Saturday 15%.
Sunday 50%.
Monday 65%.
Today, beginning at 70-75%, currently 80%.

And listening, once again, to Quiet Moments 2. And Quiet Moments 3.

20.32 Enough.