Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp's Diary

Sunday 23 March 2003

Hotel Quite Acceptable, Vancouver.


The weather is changeable, a blue sky rapidly becoming grey.

Back from Sen5es Bakery Café on the corner with coffee. I have been continuing to read In Search Of Zarathustra by Paul Kriwaczek. The late Michael Franklin, a student of JBG from Coombe Springs, would have been interested in this. Michael believed that the Arthurian legend was fundamentally Zorastrian.- Arthur was Ahura. I knew this from the Red Lion House days, when Michael visited the Crafties to discuss Systematics.

But how? The book demonstrates a connection on page 134 --

Sarmatians, from a tribe called Iazygians, Iranians from the steppes beyond the Danube, were defeated in battle by Marcus Aurelius. The emperor sent more than 5,000 of them to man Hadrian's Wall in the North of England. But instead of eventually returning to the steppes, the Sarmatians settled permanently in the Ribble Valley of Lancashire. Paul Kriwaczek argues for " -- the Sarmatian contribution to the mediaeval gothic style -- " which "immediately suggested a connection with King Arthur -- a Romano-British chieftain or warlord -- The Iranian connection might well support the claim, as local folklore insists, that Arthur lies buried somewhere in these parts". Anyone interested in the argument might refer to the book, and its references.

This would make Michael Franklin a happy boy.


Running up to Sen5es to be punctual for noon coffee with Bill, I passed Ade and he joined us. Interesting discussions among mature players of the Crimson future, professional anxiety dreams, and much more. Then back to the hotel lobby where Pat was waiting to meet Bill for breakfast.

Over coffee, I expressed to Ade my willingness to pursue Crimsonising in the next mid-period, but that this willingness is not a blanket acceptance to endure the witlessness of bad planning, outdated industry assumptions & the undermining of performance by audiences, whether knowing or otherwise.