Monday 26 April 2004

The Year of the Vicar

The Year of the Vicar : Week Seventeen.

I apologize to Donny Maca for making another posting. He writes "I'm interested in all things Fripp, but refuse to read the thoughts of someone who is a complete enigma."

My response is that perhaps the Vicar is not "all things Fripp" and that he should, of course, not read my diary. But, of course, if he does not read my diary, he would not know that he should not read it. I feel for him. A conundrum wrapped inside an enigma.

Perhaps not so much an enigma, as a boil waiting to be lanced and spread its wonderful contagion all over the world. A studio brim full of unfortunately memorable melodies.

One of them with strings not unlike Elgar's Nimrod – which returns us neatly to variations on the Enigma.

And the mysterious case of the absent checklist :

1. Chronicle the Third.

Luke Hutchence has renewed his promise that he will find a publisher for Punk's meanderings. And Fripp, astonished no doubt by the surprising coherence of volume three, is driving forward the arrival of some copies for sale on the website.

Even as I write, Hugh is learning how to change a humble Word document into a very limited, special edition, web only, credit cards at the ready, run of books.


2. Songbook the First.

Five tracks down. A lifetime to go. We are raiding the songbook of the twenty year old Singleton. He has waited a long time to find someone who can put music to the sounds in his head.

3. DGM subscription site.

Sid the Smith has been forceably incommunicado for two weeks. We expect his report from the front, by carrier pigeon if necessary, by the end of the week.