Friday 04 June 2004

The Year of the Vicar

The Year of the Vicar : Week Fourteen.

"Is this still the year of the Vicar" I wonder on your behalf (in case you are no longer reading this). "And does anyone care?" you might add if you were present.

Why yes, I care. And it's brewing up to be a resplendituneful year.

No escaping the checklist :

1. Chronicle the Third.

This has now been on Luke Hutchence's "let-you-know-in ten-days" desk for seventeen days. So perhaps he is, in fact, letting us know. The book is a triumph, but Punk needs to get paid. How might this happen in a publishing industry which, no doubt, mirrors the ethical trading of our own blighted corner of the universe? That is the question for the second quarter.

2. Songbook the First.

DGM soundworld has now hummed to the delights of two tracks. Good quality demos, which establish the form and nature of the pieces. Before the end of the year, this album will transform the transformation already underway at DGM. It squirms, stomps, and generally astounds. Perhaps I should admit to a slight bias.

3. DGM subscription site.

This drives forward and is in danger of gobbling everything in its path – including artists who would far rather be making music than editing diaries.

And I, of course, would far rather be playing in the studio, than writing this pitiful progress report. What is needed, in a forgiving world, are some atonal, out of tune, MP3s. Perhaps that is the next step.