This was my first time seeing King Crimson. I very much liked Thrak and a few years earlier, had reignited my love for the band through the box set "Frame By Frame". I went with my wife, but she had a headache that night and King Crimson are not particularly headache-friendly, so I was left to enjoy the 2nd half of the night while she went out for coffee. I was near the back of the theater and didn't get to experience the music as well as I might have liked. Due to these circumstances, this would be my least favorite of the 4 times I have seen the band. However, since I had attended, I opted to purchase the download, and I have to say, I found the recording transcendent. The recording of the show is top notch and the band is 100% on point. So far, this is my favorite downloaded concert I've listened to all the way through. Highly recommended.