Teatro Metropolitan Mexico City 1

There’s quite a momentum in this rousing version of a track that famously broke new ground for Crimson back in 1971. Mel Collins’ beautifully lyrical solo pierces through the turbulence of the parts churning around him, which in turn set up Fripp’s hairy solo and onwards to the magnificent finish. Brief but very, very bracing.
Sailors' Tale
Written by leonel garcia alvarado
true kings
wish i was there
Written by Jesus Rosales
Real power!
Wow! What a great show, this was my first of four shows at Mexico City, and my 4th Crimson concert overall (1996, 2001, 2003). I was on the seventh row by Pat's side, I couldn't agree more with Mr. Fripp that unless you experience a hot date with this incarnation of King Crimson, your opinion won't be substantial, after seeing radical action, listening Live in Toronto, Orpheum etc, this recordings don't do justice to what I witnessed that night, believe me the impact of this live band is incredibly powerful, so if you have the chance to see this, don't miss it for anything, and if you have the opportunity to travel, please do so, you won't be disappointed. I really hope that a live document of this period of touring will be released sometime in the future.
Written by Mauricio Dorantes
Speechls was how I ended that day, after witness such gentlemans performing those unveliebable pieces. Thank you very much for that magical night!
Written by Pablo Cordero
What an audience
I had the privilege of being in the first row at this show. As great as the band was, the audience is really worth mentioning. It was probably the loudest audience I have ever been a part in, yet I never (or rarely) felt this was due to people calling attention to themselves but rather to a genuine outpouring of excitement too great to contain- some of the people had been waiting 14 years for a King Crimson show in Mexico, while a fair number had been waiting their whole lives. It was an honor to be a part of that night.