As an Australian fan for many years, the chance to see JC seemed impossible. But a settled lineup, within reach of Oz - I went. And thanks to local peculiarity the Royal Package was go! RP was delightful DS, TL and RF all attended, all delightful and approachable. The show? Act 1 was more intense with ‘newer’ work mixed with Lizard(!). Act 2 was a cavalcade if unparalleled musicianship ended by the ultimate end song, Larks Tongues 2. Encore of Starless. Amazingly amazing - go. My friend got a bank loan to come, loved it so much he stayed for a second show. Do it. If you are a Crimso go - whatever it takes, wherever you are, if you ‘get’ KC you must go, because eventually it will end, and we will see nothing like it again.