Really good recording of the Crim in the legendary Marquee Club. The recording quality is between a 3 and 4, for me. Giles' drums (especially the snare and cymbals) spike through the music at blaring volumes. Greg Lake's bass can be kind of difficult to hear sometimes as can Robert's guitar. But overall, this is a very good recording of the original era KC. The 21CSM should really be listed as incomplete as the recording doesn't start until the end of the first chorus/beginning of the second verse. Quite a fiery version of the song though, especially right out of the gate. A wonderful rendition of Drop In follows after that kind of brings that heat down. This paves the way for "I Talk to the Wind" and "Epitaph" to keep the gig kinda mellow. Then a very improvisational Travel Weary Capricorn breaks through. I really dig this version as it builds quite well into a great crescendo with excellent flute work by Ian. These leads into an initially hectic "Improv" that slowly dies down into a "Mars" closer. Overall this is a really great set that shows the original Crim as a killer and tight live band.