Lisner Auditorium Washington DC 1

Back in the 1970s, Easy Money was often a springboard into improvisation. Although the musical terrain has changed significantly since then, what currently happens in between the song’s beginning and ending remains broadly open-ended. From this somewhat chilled-out space, we get a gorgeous, yearning solo from Robert and some soulful vocalising from Jakko. That said, things hot up with this piece in much the same way it always did. Some things never change.
Easy Money
Written by John R Huston Jr
A sublime moment among many
Among the many high points from both evenings in Washington, the one that transported me above all the others was the middle section of Easy Money from night one...and here it is! Someone with the band must've felt similarly. A quick nod to Gavin for dropping a go-go beat for a measure during of his first night solo - way to show D.C. love!
Written by Ryan McKenna
I see what you did there, Mel
It's all been said. My first KC show and it did not disappoint. So much to take in. Going into the show I had already marveled at the precision the band shows in its performance. Seeing them live I was equally impressed by the amount of improvisation displayed among the members. LTIA1, with a little "My Three Sons" riff from Mel. Classic. Thank you for the party!
Written by Michael Tripicco
Royal fun
Re: The Royal Package - I do think it's good! From the lovely swag bags to the talks from Fripp, Singleton, Collins, and Jakszyk, it was great fun. Kudos to the fine folks at DGM for facilitating this unique experience. As for the show itself, it was incredibly powerful. From my front-row seat directly in front of Pat I felt awash in sound from the eight-headed beast. It's difficult to pick favorites but I will certainly endorse "Starless", one of my all-time favorite Crimson compositions and something I never thought I'd experience in person. I eagerly await whatever recordings may be released!
Written by Gregory S Keyes
Powerful, impressive show
Excellent show at GWU! I was expecting it but still hit with a shock when the drums entered in Larks 1!! Each time all 3 drummers were playing simultaneously it felt as though I was getting blasted back in my seat. I was very impressed with Robert's playing, especially on Breathless, Radical Action and Easy Money, where it seemed like at times that he had some sort of wah or similar effect. I do wonder though, just exactly what was Chris playing? I just couldn't tell, anytime it seemed like there was a prominent keyboard part, it was Jeremy Stacy playing it. Anyway, great show, and very glad to have hear Moonchild live, with the fantastic solos by TLev and Stacy!