Let me first start off my addressing the main concern of the 72 Jaime muir concerts , the audio. It is definitely not great it’s rather echo heavy and trebly but does pick up the bass and lower tones pretty well. Both improv 1 and 2 are great and the highlights of the show , bruford or i’m assuming jamie muir can definitely be heard in certain spots on percussion which is picked up pretty well. The first however i think is definitely not one to shy away at , the double violin with wetton and cross was always intersting and has an intersting jam after about the halfway point and buildup into an amazing exiles! No easy money on this set which i thought was very strange but a great talking drum / ltia 2 make up for it. overall a very good show , not the first one i’d say to experience the muir era lineup in action but if you are really thinking about it it’s definitely worth the purchase.