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Spotlight Review
Summit Studios   Denver, Colorado, USA    February 22, 2007
Posted by: RickVenlo
    I can still feel the weight of the eight-track tape of Islands and the prodigous click as the stock machine in my old black cougar. I believe it was the only tape I had in that car, Read more

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Fan Review
Saturday Afternoon   Tue., Dec 23, 2014
Posted by: GratefulJerry
I used to attend shows at Irvine Meadows a lot back in the 1980ís. In fact, the week before The Moody Blues had played there and were great as well. Both groups had comedians open for Read more

Fan Review
Surprisingly good   Tue., Dec 23, 2014
Posted by: GratefulJerry
I have to admit to being more hit and miss on the 2000 to 2003 era of King Crimson. Some of it I really like and some I just donít listen to all that Read more

Fan Review
Wow, just wow!   Tue., Dec 23, 2014
Posted by: GratefulJerry
Iím now wanting to kick my own backside for not just buying the whole tour bundle. I already had all the discs that have been released through the Collectorís Club and such so I figured Iíd just grab a download Read more

Fan Review
I have Epitaph   Tue., Dec 23, 2014
Posted by: GratefulJerry
I have Epitaph but I wanted the extra 20+ minutes thatís available here that isnít included there. I really like this show and the sound quality is very good for the most Read more

Fan Review
Nice!   Tue., Dec 23, 2014
Posted by: GratefulJerry
The sound quality is actually very good considering itís an audience recording from Felt Forum which seems to be very echo-y anyway. It sounds like the microphone(s) were pointed directly at the PA Read more

Fan Review
Something Shifted in the Cosmos...   Mon., Dec 22, 2014
Posted by: mudfish55
This was an incredible night. Still one of my top five favorite shows I have had the honor of being an audient. The performance by all players in the band was Read more

Fan Review
Worthy of Official Release    Tue., Dec 16, 2014
Posted by: GrassySound
Both Robert & Adrian expressed interest in officially releasing this concert.  Why?  In my view, itís because the performance is exceptional.  It flows perfectly.  Thereís nothing more I need to add, other than itís a Read more

Fan Review
BB drumming   Sat., Dec 13, 2014
Posted by: fhc339835
The most unsettling disturbing drumming from BB recognized so far - a drummerís pleasure, but yet a little bit hard for the bandmates to accompany. Read more

Fan Review
Love and Peace   Thu., Dec 11, 2014
Posted by: kingcrimson7
Robert, excellent music,. Happy Holidays, Jesus is the light. Read more

Fan Review
This is where it began for me   Sun., Dec 7, 2014
Posted by: ShikiBoy
It was on this show that I first became aware of a band named King Crimson. They changed my life forever from the minute I saw them. So moved was I that I got up from my seat and yelled Read more

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