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Fan Review
Vivid Memory, only a little fuzzy   Thu., Jul 3, 2014
Posted by: Seph64
I do not believe this was KCís first gig in the US. Two weeks (?) prior to the Wilmington date, KC opened for Yes(?) at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. I saw both concerts and they were completely Read more

Fan Review
Yummy!   Thu., Jul 3, 2014
Posted by: mnewstrom
Even if all that is ever released as "new" by the current incarnation is something akin to "Keep that One, Nick", I will be a happy Read more

Fan Review
Promising Echoes   Wed., Jul 2, 2014
Posted by: whutchins254
Would be very much at home as part of Voyage to the Center of the Cosmos; yet it is recognizably new and fresh. I am now sufficiently tittilated to breathlessly await a snippet (more Read more

Fan Review
Thank you!   Tue., Jul 1, 2014
Posted by: NoiseMachine
This remains the best purchase under $20 I have ever made on the internet. Read more

Fan Review
LTIA part 1?   Tue., Jul 1, 2014
Posted by: k0stil
is it really it? if so, iím really excited. itís my favorite out of all 4 larks, although i cant imagine this composition being performed without a violin. perhaps they will use a midi guitar for Read more

Fan Review
   Elstree, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom   June 13, 2014
Posted by: Yalien
Holy shit! This sounds like classic psychotic Crimson from the 70s! Frippís guitar playing is even meaner and more visceral than ever before. I love this raw gritty quality to Read more

Fan Review
   Elstree, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom   June 13, 2014
Posted by: Scottauman
Awesome! Pulling out the vintage vinyl! Nothing sounds better the KC through the koss headphones cranked up! See ya in Phila! Read more

Fan Review
Made my day   Mon., Jun 30, 2014
Posted by: clarkdacksman
Now thatís the stuff...When youíve been listening to the band almost 45 (REALLY??) years & they show that the older they get they can still make a BIG WONDERFUL Read more

Fan Review
Want   Mon., Jun 30, 2014
Posted by: booomboom
to hear a sample of the full band. Read more

Fan Review
The Ecstacy of Crim   Mon., Jun 30, 2014
Posted by: AncientOne
Very exciting audio teaser! Everyone involved seems to be bursting with joyous energy. Iím so happy to hear this. Iíll be seeing the band in Los Angeles on October 1st, and frankly cannot Read more

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King Crimson US Tour 2014
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