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Previous Item   September 04, 1971  Next Item SOUND  VISION WORD
    Hyde Park    London, England
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Two years after they had last played Hyde Park, a different line-up took to the stage in the London park once again, sandwiched between Formerly Fat Harry, Roy Harper and Jack Bruce. Writing for the Melody Maker, Chris Charlesworth wrote this of Crimsonís short time on the stage. ďThe sun was shining at mid-day and about 60,000 gathered on the Queen's lush garden. Many had slept the night in the park to ensure a good seat at the front of the stage. Formerly Fat Harry opened the proceedings with a tight but uninteresting set. They were followed by King Crimson, who played the shortest set I've ever heard from the new group. Choosing from their material from the softer numbers in their catalogue, it was singer Boz who stole the honours. They ended with 'Schizoid Man', which has become their anthem, and really deserved to carry on longer. As it was probably Crimson's last London concert for some time, it was a pity the cheers for more went unheeded. Presumably the strict regulations about playing in the park (I remember Canned Heat being "switched off" last year) prevented more.Ē This is a listenable audience recording although during the two ballads the band sometimes has to compete with conversations of the punters nestled around the tape recorderís microphone. There are also some head-screwing tape warbles and distortions to contend with. Nevertheless, the dedicated listener will find that despite the shortness of the set Crimson are on good form here.

Disc Number 1
1.  Formentera Lady  [PREVIEW]  5.07
2.  The Sailors Tale  [PREVIEW]  7.15
3.  Pictures Of A City  [PREVIEW]  9.04
4.  Lady Of The Dancing Water  [PREVIEW]  2.50
5.  Cadence And Cascade  [PREVIEW]  4.13
6.  21st Century Schizoid Man  [PREVIEW]  8.58

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Robert Fripp
Mel Collins
Ian Wallace


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Fan Reviews

 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 starsShort and... sortof sweet, Sat., Dec 1, 2012
Written by jeffo621
I guess the primary reason why I bought this one was because of the lower price, and itís not that bad of a show. Itís just not anything great or essential - there are plenty more concerts available from the Mark II lineup that are of better sound quality and/or better performances. My biggest critique is that the "punters" (as the Brits might say) are a bit loud and distracting, especially since Crimso opted for a bit of a mellower set - half of the tracks are quieter pieces, and the playing on the others is a bit restrained Itís perfectly listenable, as long as you have "bootleg adjusted ears," and I firmly believe that you canít own enough versions of Sailorís Tale, but as I said before, not essential (unless you are running out of allowance money and want to save a few bucks)



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